Mikasa Automotive

Do you know if your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt or timing chain? If it has a timing belt it requires replacement at a regular interval. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary costly engine failure and damage. To find out at what interval your timing belt needs to be replaced please check with our service advisers.

When planning to purchase a pre-owned vehicle remember to get a pre-purchase inspection. It can help you decide whether the vehicle is a good deal or not, by making you aware of any mechanical issues. Also it can really help in negotiating a better price.

Did you know that your brake fluid also requires periodic replacement? Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing your brake fluid every 2-3 years. One of the main reason for replacement is that brake fluid is hydroscopic. That means that is designed to absorb and suspend moisture. This moisture can eventually cause damage to your brake system components.

Not all oil and filter brands are created equal.  Unfortunately, we are starting to see more wear taking place on timing chains and other internal engine components from many of the leading recommended brands of oil. There can be significant differences from one brand to another. Low temperature flow and wear protection are some of the major differences between brands. At Mikasa Automotive we continually test different oil and filter brands to find the very best possible options for your vehicle.

In the picture, to show you the difference, is a filter that we recently replaced. You can see the old filter in the background has started to collapse from a combination of, the low quality element and a major oil brand that does not flow well in the cold weather. At Mikasa we use original equipment manufacturer filter brands and a category 4 synthetic oil that will perform well beyond its competitors, plus give your vehicle the maximum protection against wear.

When changing over to your summer tires, after a winter of driving on rough snow packed roads, it’s a good practice to have a Spring Inspection to check your vehicle’s steering, suspension and detect worn or unsafe components. When we do this Multipoint Inspection at Mikasa, we will also make sure your summer tires have adequate tread to prevent hydroplaning in heavy rainfall.